A film written by Rachel Ryling, Janine Gateland, and Catherine Eure


Production Challenges


During filming, we were faced with a number of external challenges that had a large affect on production. One issue we ran into was an influx of seed bugs, which swarmed and invaded the Lone Pine area by the thousands. The influx was apparently driven by a mild winter and monsoonal weather, which provided healthier vegetation for the nutrient-sucking bugs. They are attracted to light, "At night time, if you go into the station, they'll follow. They go everywhere. They get on your body, your head. They were everywhere."

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Another challenge  we faced during production was a police manhunt happening in Kelso Valley while on location. We had permits to shoot our film here but were advised heavily by law enforcement to shut down our production. We decided to move forward at risk of losing all of the money invested in the project to date. One crew member dropped out deciding the circumstances were uncomfortable for them. Against all odds this movie was made including the largest manhunt in the history of the county surrounding our shooting location and the swarm of insects that infected this area for the first time in hundreds of years.  

Watch video footage: Manhunt in Kelso Valley


Cast Interviews

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